Trailquest in the rain

Woke upo yesterday and it had been raining , lept out of bed into shower and
bolted breakfast. loaded up the car under a beautiful blue sky with a chill
breze blowing through my hair. Ah, what a day to go and get muddy.

And get muddy we did, it started raining just after we left the event centre
with 3.5 hours of riding time alowed to collect as many points as possible, so
we stuggled into pertex jackets as we rode (**) up the hill out of Kintbury and
headed for our first target just outside the village of Inkpen ( yes it really
is called that).

(**) nb, didn’t see any two wheeled types manage that trick, thay had to stop to
get dressed up.

Then we met thick gloopy mud, large deep puddles and a compleate lack of
traction, Paul developed a loose left crank and our ave speed became
pathetic. Deciding that discresion was the better part of not loseing the few
points we had we headed back to the event centre after a mere 2.7 hours and
20km of riding, walking and sliding in the rain. As yet I don’t know how we
did agaist the masses but I know we beat a few teams of bikes, so the day was
not a total disaster.

We got lots of admiring coments for tackling trailquest on one wheel and even
found a tandem riding pair to be owners of a unicycle as well… maybe in a
while they will be up to one wheel each indepentently.