What up everyone? The trailer for the vid is finished. So far i’m kinda disappoint with the amount of footage I have. I’m finished with my part and have been finished for awhile. The vid isn’t looking as good as I had hope but there still is comedy in it and other things as well. I hope you will all enjoy it none the less.

Trailer link:

-Shaun Johanneson

Still need some more footage then?

This video’s looking really good, such a variety of styles. Some sweet tricks, smooth triple and nice flip gap over the concrete.


whoooooo i cant wait to see this video

still need more?i can get some more footage

I can go shoot up some natural trials for you in my backyard. I’ve been being lazy.

Yes I need more, haha. Please. haha.

BTW for anybody that doesn’t know, this vid will probably be 40 minutes long. Full length for anyone doubting it. Trust me.

-Shaun Johanneson

Hey Shaun what happened to your seat? It looks like it has duct tape all over it.

how should I send you clips?

Nice! I have been really busy with homework lately and I just got a trials bike so I have been distracted from filming. I will try to get some stuff on film this weekend…my laptop powercord broke so I have to wait until Tuesday to get a new one so I can upload stuff. :roll_eyes:

Just because I have seen how you ride…


I’ve got more, I didn’t send it all becaus a lot of the stuf won’t fit on the e-mail, so I have to convert it and then spilit it up. I will probably send it tomorrow if I have time, I think I will be embaressed though, lookiing at that trailer. My camera quality isn’t that great either.

P.S. did you get my stuff I sent you before? I don’t want to sedn all this footage if I’m sendiing it to the wrong person.

Nice!:smiley: This is gonna be awsome! Are you gonna continue your how to series? If so you should do some basic flatland stuff because I’m seeing more and more of it.

Wow I was wondering how you were going to fit everybody in. I guess youtube is out haha.

I’m working on sending you stuff now.

Yeah youtube is out. Gigasize is in. haha. I’m really down about the footage i’ve gotten. I think ryan aktins is out, hopefully not, but i haven’t heard anything from him. Keaton is getting more than expected, and Jerad has his own camera and a lot of time on him. Hopefully kelly gets in about 3 more days, and as for me. I have nothing to do. My vid part is long done. I can still go out there and do some more if I get an idea. but if not, then i’m outta it. haha. But all the extra stuff is done. I just need to start the editing for all the parts, but i’m extremely short on footage.

-Shaun Johanneson

That’s an awesome trailer.
I’d send you some friends footage if only I could find a proper camera.

My god, this vid is freakin’ sweeeeeeeeet! [/SINGING]

I can’t wait 'til the full length is ready :smiley:

When I get the chance, I’ll go for a ride with Max and Luke and hopefully get a camera and send you the footage we get. I will try my hardest :slight_smile:


wrong forum …-> video forum

How do you say that in Augschburgian?

it’s not called “Augschburgian” it 's called “augschburgerisch”

in Augschburgerisch it’s called “Falsches Forum–> Video Forum”

:smiley: :smiley:

Your aufgsburgerisch strangely resembles german.

Ah, cool! I’m in a sig!