Trailer: Switch Flip Trick Video

Hey, here is a little trailer of what I have been working on lately. I am not sure when the actual video will be out, it depeneds on the weather, school, how many tricks I want in it, etc…but I am hoping 2-3 weeks max.
If you didn’t already know, a switch trick is a trick done in the opposite stance. So if you normally do tricks with your right foot forward, a switch trick would be done with your left foot forward.

Link to Trailer

*Before this, the only switch tricks that have been done are switch flips and switch backflips, so every other trick in this video is new (to my knowledge).


Ok, this is sick. I am blown away by this kids ability to do these tricks switch. I bow to your switch ability man, So sick. I can’t wait until the real thing comes out.

-Shaun Johanneson

its looking good can’t wait till the full vid comes out.


I don’t think people respect this enough…

It is VERY difficult and awkward.

Awesomely done matey, keep it up.

Switch double soon…


Awesome, Jeff!
This vid really inspired me to go out and learn a switchflip! :roll_eyes:

(Edit: My 100th post!)

Hmm, I’m guessing i’ll get switch tre flip before switch doubles. Normal tre flips are easier for me then double flips/double flip variations. I dont really like doubles.

I got a pretty cool switch fakie variation on film yesterday though. I might beable to get in more tricks then I thought.