Trailer: Switch Flip Trick Video

Hey, here is a little trailer of what I have been working on lately. I am not sure when the actual video will be out, it depeneds on the weather, school, how many tricks I want in it, etc…but I am hoping 2-3 weeks max.
If you didn’t already know, a switch trick is a trick done in the opposite stance. So if you normally do tricks with your right foot forward, a switch trick would be done with your left foot forward.

Link to Trailer

*Before this, the only switch tricks that have been done are switch flips and switch backflips, so every other trick in this video is new (to my knowledge).


Nice ive done a switch 180 unispin before.

Are you sure Shaun hasn’t done switch on lots of other tricks? He seems like the kinda guy who would.
Nice trailer, I look forward ot the video (:

Nah, all he’s done is a normal switch crankflip (he was first to get that). He hasn’t gotten into switch tricks yet (nor has anyone else really), as he has been working on other stuff.

I just got a sex Change! ya. Nice vid. I wish i could learn backflips, broke my seat yesterday:( . but i can do stuff out in front with it so idk. :smiley:

Oh yeah, I forgot to type/add this; if you have any switch tricks you want to see, let me know in this thread, and i’ll give them a try.

id like to see a switch fakie blind full varial flip.

Wow Jeff. You must be unicycle “ambidextrous”, that’s awesome.

Looks cool Jeff. Switch fakie tricks would be cool to see.
I will be waiting for the switch double.

Oh how about a late switchflip?

Maybe, I’d probably have to do it off of something because I can’t hop super high switch yet.

Something interesting I’d like to see is a line of a few flip tricks done with a half rev between each. So the first one would be regular, second one switch, etc.

I see a switch trick revolution coming.

Yeah I do have one thing like that (tricks back to back with a half rev in between). I’ll try to see if I can get a few more.

I just filmed another trick today that I am pretty happy about. Video should be good.

Hey, just an update:

Weather has been crappy until recently and I have been sick on and off for the last 3 weeks or so, so today was the first time I rode in a while. Depending how tomorrow goes (1 trick left to get), video should be out tomorrow night-ish.

sweet. I’ll be lookin forward to it.

Ok hurry and get it finished then so we can all get to se it:) !!!

Video will be out tonight. I was busy Monday and Tuesday, so I got the last trick I need filmed today.

Is It done Yet, I can’t wait!:slight_smile: