Trailer prochaine video Manu & Arthur

Hi every one

That just the trailer of our next video


looking good! was that a tripple flip :astonished: ??

That sure was a triple!

Wow, this video should look good. Can’t wait, just try to cut the prehops.

I loved the 360 unispins up and across that gap too! Huge.


that was a mad triple flip!!

nice triple that was crazy. ya like mike said try and make your stuff more flowy. very nice like step on tire 180 or wutever that was.

that was amazing, loved that triple ofcourse, insane.
whens the full thing going to be done?
cant wait!

we 're not shure, but maybe 1/2 month because manu go to russia :roll_eyes:

ahhhhhhhhh I just loved tht triple can’t wait
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

medioca! ha ha joking, that was quality, liked the style of actually having both of you in the clips busting big tricks rather than just alternating individual clips, gr8 work.


I learnt today that it might be useless to take my uni with me in russia. If so, this vid might not exist within the next 10 months. :frowning:


WHAAAT? are you going to stay in russia for 10 months??

That’s possible. We are supposed to finish the work at the end of summer but it might be delayed for some reasons i don’t know yet.


That wasn’t a triple. 2 and 3/4.

Mdr …

nice triple flip i can’t wait till your video comes out but 10 months!!! thats pretty long… :frowning:


nah evan read that

Be quiet annoying person.

Es war a triple.


Liked the vid. Hopefully the release date isn’t that far back as guessed, it would be nice to have for our viewing pleasure around summer time. As for the triple spiel. As a some what avid worker of the tripleflip I wouldn’t have counted that one. As well as I wouldn’t have used it for the vid, just did it over again. The thing about getting really good is, you can’t show the imbetween stuff. You release your clips as perfection, not as half decent. I don’t want to see your progession (other than from perfect clipped vid, to perfect clipped vid). See that is about as impressive as a clean doubleflip down about a 2 set or 3. But he’s really close.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. I hope this gives you the motive to do better. You’re an insane unicyclists that’s pushing me to do more. And breaking (tieing) sick records (Mine included). Though I don’t consider myself to be the record holder sortaspeak, I know I was the first to seriously get into flips. So I should be atleast ahead of most.

p.s.s. Arthur, I’m most looking forward to sessing with you, mike, and Jason at FLUCK this year. I really hope that Mike, you, and myself can all get into the big air dare with tripleflips. And you watch, i’ll be the sketchiest one there. TRUST ME. (What you see in films, is not what you get in person, haha)

I continue waiting impatient!!! :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


I am in russia now, without uni and especially without a place to ride. There is snow everywhere. So far i didn’t understand people complaining about the snow but it’s not the case anymore.

I’ll try to get my uni back in the ussr when i come back in France for a week in 2 months.