[Trailer] LIFE

Finally, sorry about the delay, but here it is, the trailer for Zenith’s biggest project, LIFE. The actual video should be out in July or so, and we’re expecting it to be about 20-30 minutes long. Every other useful info is in the teaser.

Hope you enjoy…



Really awesome! I am excited to see what the finished product will be like! Good editing.


sweet! can’t wait to see it!
couldn’t figure it out that this’ll be a dvd or what?.. :thinking:

your texts have nice colors haha. :roll_eyes:

No, this will be a video available online for free. Thanks for the comment :slight_smile:

Looking hot. I liked the 630 by Kriz. Havnt seen anybody doing them since Shaun.

What are you guys planning to do with the finaly production, exactly?

Edit: Lol too slow. So its just going to be like frogs? Basically?

Yeah hes like a pro english speaker now.

Ahaha ! Was that sarcasm ?

I would say it will be more like U2 or Defect, but online. As you might have noticed in the trailer, it’s more official and follow the (few) rules of unicycle movie making. What I mean by that is that if you watch Ill and Frogs, there’s sketches, jokes, fun and stuff, but not in Dan’s DVD (Except in the hidden sections (What, did I mentionned hidden sections, do you think it would be possible that LIFE has hidden sections :thinking: What !?! Never ! :wink: )). Makes sense ?


Oh? The rules? Well if thats the case I hope unlike Ill and Frogs you have diffrent styles. Not just street.

Defect is great because no rider is the same. And no riding was just a watered down version of another rider.

And no, your english is awesome. I wish I could speak another language so well.

nice play by issac!!

nice job my friend!

ill be looking forward to this vid…looks sick guys.

That was pretty intense. I’m looking forward to it.

Yeah, im way looking forward to this. nice editing, by the way.

looks cool dude

Looks really good. Great job editting the trailer.

That’s awesome the Kris is going to be in it, it will be nice to finally see some more footage from him.

Really looking forward to it

we have to wait till july?? ugh your killin me smalls.

Better be really long
amazing trailer

Some tech trials (in new locations - Isaac) and Muni would be good.

I’d buy it.

Edit: Isaac - I’m just saying most of your footage has come from your yard, on the same obstacles.

Look at Kriz’s old footage. Its still impressive lol. I can’t believe he keeps his hands on the seat the whole time during the 630. Amazing.

i’m pretty stoked about this video. can’t wait…

Yeah, a new location would be nice. :roll_eyes:

MUNI from me?? I don’t think so…It would be pretty comical.