Trailer - Good Bye

Hey guys !

So yeah, I’m finally back ! Ahah ! Not quite right, this is just a short trailer for my next vid, Good Bye. This video will be my last one, I’m just too tired of all this videos thing, stress and all. I’ll keep doing collaboration movies (There’s one coming in May 08 !!!) and post some footages online.

Linky !

Hope you like it !


P.S. I would also like to thank a lot Émile for the filming and editing !

Looks really awesome.

Wow, That looks so sweet. Awsome.

Hugo! That was awesome! And thats just a trailer!!! I am so pumped for this! I love your style, and just everything, and you! When will the final thing be done?

Im Pumped!


Thank you guys !

Hummmm…I don’t know, I hope soon, but I’m not sure, I really want the footages in this vid to be good. So I guess I should be done before snow, if not then it will take a lot longuer, indoor skateparks are rare here and there’s not a lot of things to do anyways. But I really hope to be done soon !

Thanks !


I’m excited:) !

That’s what she says.

(Sorry, couldn’t resist !)

Hahahhaahah nice!

I can’t wait to see the rest of it. Hopefully I get to see your super switch spinning action and that infamous one footed wierd flip :p.

nice. looks like its going to be a very good movie. Cant wait to watch it.

you are so good.

I am going to love this video.

how big of a difference is there going from 360s to 540s do you think?

I don’t know, I havn’t landed a 540 yet ! :wink: Actually no one did, except Dan, he’s the only one who could answer. But 450s are a lot harder than 360s, proof : not a lot of people are doing them right now. Like someone well known on here already said, Practice is all it takes !


I like the fact that your excellent Touque (Wool hat for non-Canadians) makes another appearence.


Looking forward to it.

IMO all of your videos are REALLY GOOD. I’d say comparable to a segment in U2 or Defect. That goes for riding skill, filming, editing, and matching to music:D

Regular videos from you will be missed, but I’m glad you aren’t going to abstain 100%, or worse leave the sport:o

Just do whats fun for you and noone else.

Okay people…This vid is going to be wicked! Who all is pumped? I am!

Whoa :astonished: nice riding looks sweet hope the real things as tight as the trailer

looks sick, and just a note, after seeing some of your other videos i think that you’ve got more [better] style with your hair cut. That might be just me but i don’t know.

did I say that I love you Hugo? :o


anyway… good vid! my next vid is gonna have some sweet tricks like that soon. i just gotta practice