Trailer for new extreme unicycle video ("Spaced Out")

If everybody an myself had this DVD
Id say “jeff you made this movie hella good for me”

MEGA AWESOME. dude, F’n sweet. awesome awesome awesome. I would pay up to $8,000. cuase it rocks.

fa shizzle.

$17 is kinda steep for me, but if you break even I’d definitely fork it. It’s for a good cause.


Jeff: You gonna be in California at all this summer? If so we should ride.

Well, if I had no way of seeing Universe II, then I would definitely buy it. Or, I would have bought it already. But like I said, my friend has it but I rarely get to see it. Dontcha worry, though, I won’t burn it…

i think 17 is a great price. hell on wheel has been working on a dvd for a long time and we know how tough it is to put everything together. we’ll be sure to get a few copies!

This is indeed an awesome video.
You all should buy it when it comes it. It will rock.
Anyways, untill now, universe was the only really good uni video (that i’ve seen) dealing with this type of riding. This variety, not only in rideing, but also in editing styles, is very welcome.


when in august and will it be availible from because it looks like the shizznat and i would like a copy

It’s a really nice vid! I love the crazy hops o the rails and the big pedal grabs… . I hope it would be possible the buy this video her e in germany too.


Spaced Out will be available at Bedford Unicycles and Syko Productions for sure. Shipping to Germany will be possible.


That sound’s very good. Thanks.


just finnished shooting stills for the menu screens for spaced out last night. Really neat looking stuff, i was going to post a preview in here but i’m not done all the retouching and well im not sure if Jeff wants to not release any more visuals related to the DVD.


I had downloaded the trailer when you first posted about it. I hadnt replied on the thread though.

I’ll buy a copy (in the UK) for sure. Im sure Roger would stock them for you in the UK.

I love the footplant to grind - I can only guess that is the antics of Mr Tugboat himself.

Look forward to it - and good luck!


those were my antics haha. theres another super nice one i did for him too. i hope everyone buys this video. its gonna be awesome.


I cant get the trailer to computer messes everything up,I can never download anything off of here.
How long will universe 2 be availible? I will try to land it for christmas if i can wait that long.