Trailer - Autrian Unicyclists

Hi there!

I plan to release a unicycle video of Austrian unicyclists in a few months.
The trailer for this movie is free for downloading, and can be downloaded here (DVD-Image or MPG in various qualities, whatever you like):

Have fun;


That trailer is absolutely stunning. You have my awe and approval in large doses. :smiley:

Great movie!!! Loved the unispin into crank grab!!! And how did that bloke do the seat out back to seat out front transition without even touching the frame or seat??? It was amazing! Haven’t seen it done like that before! Also loved the music, suited the style of the movie, better than the average “Xtreme” music that most people would’ve chosen for the trailer.

Great camera angles! I also enjoyed the choice of the music, I like something besides the normal pounding beat in a extreme movie! I loved the gap to a seat drag; that guy really has seat drag dialed!

How many hours of videography does that trailer represent?

Thanks for the props.
He uses his heel. I can’t do it either yet, but he just pulls it up using his heel.


Well, there’s no trial part in the trailer (the limitation was max. 3 minutes), and I guess the overall movie will be about an hour or more of pure riding (street, trial, muni and some freestyle).

As I’ve said - release date unknown yet, I try to create a good movie with at least some new stuff in it, somewhen next summer the movie might be released. I still need some skills that have to be in this movie :slight_smile:
I also might decide to take the german riders in that movie, that might increase the overall quality and extend the time.

Right now I guess I have GOOD footage for about 15 minutes.

Thanks for the props for the choice of music - I think as you guys do. There doesn’t need to be the most extreme music, if riding is good enough.


Looks good Wolfgang!!

You are not from Australia! You are from Austria!

you almost had me fooled there for a second.

A really nice piece of work!

^ Fooled my too with the didjeridoo at the beginning.

I especially liked that unispin to pedal grab on the pallets, the seatdrag along the wall, and that was a HIGH hop over the 6 stair…I envy you guys for being able to rolling hop so HIGH!

Great trailer :smiley:

The bagpipes were a nice touch too.

I really liked the series where he just kept jumping/rolling down the stairs, beautiful.

nice video wolfgang… Its nice to hear from you again.

Shhhhhuuuuu, I took stuff in the 70’s that made me feel like that.

Awesome trailler loving the music is flows awesome… very good angles too very good job on that

it wont wokr for me… could someone like upload that into the free4all or somthing please?


I tough that i was original with practising 180 unispin to crank grab but im not :frowning: .

Anyway really good trailer et nice trial lines, good job !

That was really cool. I have tried unispin crankgrabs but my last time i tried i hurt myself pretty badly.

I think the key is to practise jumping high and pulling the uni even higher during the unispin. I use both hands for that, so I can spin it fast, and pull it easier. In the final movie you might see me doing a 360-unispin-to-pedal-grab.


Do you have the name of the music?


That’s was fantastic!