trail uni noob

hi i’m a newbie when it comes to trail unicycles i was thinking about buying the Koxx XTP Purple Power. What do you all think i want a tough and light unicycle to jump around on so and tip/hints would be awesome :smiley:

that uni is pretty much indestructible,too bad tis unbelievably expensive. But if you can afford it, I would definitely buy it

Trail or Trial?

Daaaammm! Your gonna buy a K-1 XTP for your very first?

Well like that other guy said by all means get it. It’s just gonna be such a shame to see it get trashed because everyones first ends up looking like a frankenstien. Atleast mine did.

And yes it’s pretty much one of the lightest and toughest uni’s out there:)


Nothing wrong with that. If you have the money, go for top of the line early, so you dont have to waste time and money riding something that isnt as strong and will just need replacing anyways.

Go for the XTP if you can afford it, it wont let you down, and you can still do a large number of street and flatland tricks on it.

If you have money, but not as much for a XTP, go with a KH or Koxx. I personally trust KH to hold up better than the Koxx, but that is from experience and from what I have personally seen happen to both unis.

There is now a nimbus splined uni, that is really cheap, and rally strong. That is also an option.

Then there is Qu-Ax which is an indestructible uni, and upgraded to ISIS. Ive never seen or heard of one breaking, ever. ITs a tad heavy around 14ish pounds, but that doesn’t matter much at all.

Then there is DX. Ridden by a large percent of unicyclers, so its been tested in every way, and has proven itself to be a beast. I wouldnt trust it much for anything longer than a year or two of HEAVY use though, because then the crank and hubs will start to wobble a little bit. But for its price, its isnt a bad uni at all.

no. learn on a real uni. like profiles. when you have more money that brains it is a bad thing. for example a newbie buying a xtp. get something good like a KH but not top of the line like the xtp. you will not notice the difference in weight

Yeah just pimp out a kh. Or go custom and it will still be cheaper than an xtp. Plus I wouldn’t spend that type of money on anything at first becasue you might not like it or it might just not be your thing. I am building up 2 uni’s after knowing I love the sport. I say go for the new splined (yellow hub) qu-ax. It will suit you well.

well i’m not a complete noob…i just got a 180 like a week and on a 24’ torker and its kinda hard to jump with :frowning:

Just practice on that until you can jump sufficiently on it. Then you can get a new uni.

That is the best

And would be the best beginner, mid level , or top level riders choice. If you have the cash I say cheers !:slight_smile:

Go for the best don’t start out on cheap unis and than go expensive, get that Koxx

you have to earn the right to own a good unicycle. even though many people dont have the right to ride what they ride. (not strengh wise, but weight wise) noobs riding khs. even worse noobs riding xtps (although you might be the first)
my advise is ride the lx till you break it, not out of lack of skill (droping and landing way harder than necassary), but out of a weakness in the LX (you break it on what would have otherwise been a really smooth landing)

This is true but less severe.
I agree you should wait to get the new uni until you progress a little more although that is probably hard if you have the money. i wouldn’t know.:frowning:
Have have a 24 lx and when i was learning to hop i thought it was the uni and not me but a week or so later i learned that i was me not the uni. Ride it until it until you can at least ride and hop drop then upgrade and use the your old uni to get friends to learn. thats what i plan on plus light muni/ long distance. until i can get a 36 or 29er. :roll_eyes:

KH20 ftw!

That is utter BS.

You dont need to earn a right to ride a unicycle. If you have the money, and want to buy the best right of the bat, then go for it. It will save money in the long run, and you wont have to worry about things breaking when you are still just getting used to doing 3-4 foot drops.

There is no rule, or enforcement of any kind saying “You have to suffer with a crap uni, learn on the crap uni, break the crap uni, and spend an extra $100-$300 on that crap uni before buying a good uni.”

You’ll be happy with the XTP. IT will help you a lot with learning, because your doing it on the right equipment, and you have to worry about buying another uni, cause you will already have one of the best.

The only thing wrong with the xtp

Is that if you email A E Bike and ask them if they can sweeten their advertised price, they will sell you a KH for less then 400. I bought one last spring for 363 $.
The xtp may be a little better then a KH, I don’t know, most people think they are very comparable. I think that Koxx is more popular in europe, it is a bit of a pricing, availability thing.
If paying a few 100 more doesn’t bother you, I would prefer the xtp just because it is a much rarer bird, I bet most of us have never seen one, and we are getting a little sick of blue ! LOL. :slight_smile:
Certainly, you are better off getting a fine uni sooner rather then later. It is a bit easier to ride then a torker at any level. Not much easier, but better is always a little more fun IMHO. And you will be smart to preserve your lx. You will want to teach someone someday, so you can never have to many beginner unis lying around.

My first uni didn’t start getting trashed until I started doing trials on it. If I could redo things I would of rather have just started out on a nice uni. And you don’t have to earn the right to have a nice uni. You’'re more likely to get hurt if your LX breaks in half while your riding it.

no you need to earn the right to a good LIGHT uni. otherwise you wasted money when their is almost no difference in hopping hight and they cannot feel the difference when riding
but hey if you think i am full of it and everyone should buy a: 2 pound, invincibly strong uni that cost $5000, as their first uni, then that is just you (for example, yes i no their is no such uni).

Why do you need to earn it? What plausible reason is there to that statement, that isn’t your own opinions, and is a general fact among all unicyclist?

How is it wasting money?

Start with a cheap uni, so generally that is $100. Most people buy new pedals, anywhere from 10-50 dollars. So lets say another $25 for those. $125. Now they do not like the seats, and buy a new one. Another $50. So that’s $175. Within a few months of riding, they are already reaching the limits of that uni, drops are bending the cranks, wheel is too skinny for their liking, and it feels heavy. So now they go and buy a top of the line uni for around $500. All together, $675, sometimes more, sometimes less.


Start with buying top of the line uni, for this case, KH for 500. That’s it, they wont be needing anything new on it for a good long time.

Your way of thinking seems to be wasteful here, or do I not understand how money works anymore?

Besides, they may not feel or benefit from the uni yet, but as they progress, they will be glad they went for the best, instead of wasting time on a inferior product.