Trail Safety

Found this on a hiker thread, of all places.

Please take heed of the “penalty for failure”, and take your risks intelligently…

Unacceptable outcomes

Do you know anything about the guy? Is he still alive? If yes, what injures did he have?

that was nasty - I didn’t want to watch it after the first 10 seconds because of the predictability… yet I had to.

Phil was nice enough to share that crash over in Just Conversation last month. See this thread: Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!.

The web page with the video and a description of what happened is here: The Miles Todd Crash Video. The good news is that he was OK. A broken pinky, sprains, bruises, a few stitches, but no major injury. The web page describes all.

Be careful around exposure.

Especially if you’re on a bike! It’s a lot easier for that type of fall to happen due to not being able to easily step off. On a unicycle that particular crash would have been much less likely.

Ah thanks, missed Phil’s thread.

I can’t agree that a unicycle would have been “safer” or less risky. Anyone who has ridden off-road knows that you come off in many different directions with many different velocities and orientations. Heck, just watch the blooper section of any uni video. Most of the time you can simply step off, but sometimes you take a header or get tangled in the uni.

If you are riding that kind of stuff on a unicycle, take a step back and ask yourself is it worth the risk. Think about it before you have peer pressure involved. And don’t delude yourself that just because you are not on a bicycle, that the risk goes away.

thats gotta hurt

I don’t think we differ much for the most part. Certainly that trail contains plenty of danger, even if you’re just hiking! Any rider is well advised to really think about it before attempting such a section. We have a couple of similar trails in my area, which I hope to someday work into a MUni Weekend (that’s the Stevens Trail and South Yuba Trails:

However, I will maintain that the unicycle is clearly safer in terms of the type of dismount that rider did. His bike went off balance to the exposre side, and he had nowhere to put his foot. Down he goes! If the same thing happened on a unicycle, the rider could just take the other foot off the pedal, and drop straight to the ground.

Where Phil had to stop and put a foot down, a unicyclist would either stop and hop, or dismount to the front, putting his feet squarely on the ground. He would not be “strung up” by the frame, which is the difference here.

This is why I would ride a unicycle in many places I’d be too chicken to ride a bike!

I took a friend riding on on mtn bikes some years ago and she suffered a similar (although not as dramatic) fall.

All she did wrong was stop and try to put her feet down. Since the trail was sloped, her downside foot had nowhere to land and she took a tumble. It was only about 20 feet but it was really steep and rocky.

She was pretty lucky (even though she cracked a rib) that she wasn’t more seriously injured.

What really sucked though was that she could not ride and we ended up walking out in almost total darkness on a really narrow single-track trail. I felt sorta responsible so I kept trying to lighten the mood by joking around. Everytime she’d laugh pain would shoot through her ribs so then I just tried to be quiet. By the time we reached the hospital almost four hours had passed since her fall.

I think that was the last time she went biking off-road.

I’ve never riden that trail on a unicycle but I plan to this summer. It’s a fairly short trail at about 5 miles. You are rewarded by a hot spring and a beautiful waterfall near the end of the trail.



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Surely you had a momentary brain-misfire when you typed that. It wasn’t our beloved Phil who tumbled off a cliff! Phil merely posted the original thread – from the relative safety of his computer.

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My bad. Please replace any instances of “Phil” with “Mr. Owie dude.”

lol his name is miles.
but i like your description

I think another important difference is that unicyclists often ride in armor. In that fall armor would’ve saved Miles from many injuries to his knees and arms. Also, it would’ve given him more options for the initial fall. I wear armor so that I am limited in where I can fall or what body parts I can use. I don’t think that that man would’ve fallen off that clif if he had been on a unicycle. Maybe his unicycle, but not him.

<falls out of chair; falls off cliff>