Trail Riding at Vineyard Creek Reserve, Sydney Australia

Some Saturday afternoon fun, unicycling at Vineyard Creek Reserve. I hope you enjoy this video.

Do you ride at a club in Sydney?

G’day Pinoclean, It’s OLOW’s dad here. My son, Jayden (OLOW) taught me to ride mid last year (2016). At the end of last year we found a unicycling club, Parramatta Unicycle Club, that meets Friday afternoons 3:30pm - 5:30pm at the Parramatta river foreshore (near the Wilde Avenue Bridge) and have been there a few times. Although we have not met many people while riding there, everyone we have met has been very friendly, helpful and encouraging. A few weeks ago Jayden and I were able to ride a 27.5" Oracle and 36" Oracle which belonged to others riding there at Parramatta. Awesome to be able to get onto different unicycles and see what they are like.

My other two sons ride too, and we have been enjoying riding together. I have found it to be a great challenge and great fun - I wish I had learned before the age of 40!

Jayden learned to ride a couple of years ago after watching Jamey Mossengren busking down at Circular Quay and becoming interested. He asked my wife and I for a unicycle for Christmas and we got a club unicycle for him to learn on. Jayden learned to ride and used that unicycle for a while but wanted something he could easily do trials unicycling with so he bought his current unicycle - the Impact Gravity White 19" by making money mowing lawns and doing odd jobs (He turned 12 just before Christmas). At the moment we are saving up for some unicycles with larger wheels - thinking about 27.5" for Muni / Trail riding as we love that sort of riding.

We hope you have enjoyed the videos he has made so far. Have a great day. =)

That’s awesome glad you have come so far. The unicycle nationals are being hosted by Southwest Sydney this year so you should come along and meet more riders. It will be held around Cronulla.

You should come and check out some other clubs if you have time. Sydney, North Shore, Northern Beaches or South West Sydney all have a bunch of riders who can help teach some new skills. All of the clubs have facebook pages if you are looking to contact someone.

Thanks for all the information. Much appreciated. =)