Trail ride in northeast Tennessee

Still new to unicycling so practicing on the green trails. I have a gopro but this is the first time I’ve made a video using my point and shoot off a small tripod.

Hey eastenn :slight_smile:

Still new to unicycling eh. You’re doing pretty darn good. I’ve been riding for four years now and you’re way better at it than me :slight_smile: :roll_eyes:

Lovely video, it looks a neat place to ride.

Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Alucard! I bet you are in fact better than me. Tomorrow will make exactly 3 weeks since I first tried riding a unicycle, but my goal was to be able to ride some of the same trails (or parts of trails) that I ride on my mountain bike. So each little challenge I succeeded I didn’t spend a lot of time mastering it, just moved on to the next thing that would get me on the trails. Right now I really need to work on riding with a hand on the seat. On some of the steeper climbs I will lose a foot off the pedal. Also need to practice my hopping.

Thanks for watching it, though I may not film again for a while…was a lot of work and walking setting up camera and going back to get it :slight_smile: I need to spend my trail time on the muni!

Excellent Eastenn,

You are doing incredible for such a short time on the wheel. I am glad you made a note of needing to hold onto the seat. This will help you a lot while trying to go up those slopes. Most of your UPDs could have been averted with a solid hand on the seat. Take a day and ride around town switching from right hand to left. This will also become very valuable if you decide to add a brake or when you learn forward rolling hops.

If you are loosing traction with your shoes it might be worth the expense to pick up some Fiveten Karvers. Google them and best pricing. You should be able to pick up a pair for $50. They are ugly but will increase your traction and keep you from getting a lace wrapped around your crank. The soles are very stiff so your feet do not fatigue from wrapping around the pedal. One last plus is all the padding in the ankle and shoe. Only drawback is they are a little heavy.

Keep riding you are killing it on the trails. The video was well done. I liked it!

Thanks a lot for the tips Justin. I have watched a lot of muni videos and quickly realized how critical it is to ride holding onto the seat. I will do as you suggested and spend some time doing easier riding and holding on. It’s just hard to want to get back on pavement or gravel trails once I’ve had a taste of the trails!!

As for the shoes, the ones I have on in the video are Teva Links I picked up on amazon for 39 and I could tell an improvement when I started with them. I think my problem is like you said not holding onto the seat, but also I think I might be trying to lift with my back foot from being used to riding clipless on my mtb…hopefully a habit I can break.

Video’s are cool to make and fun to watch. You might also join This is a good place to view your rides and see what others are doing. Their are 2 unicycle clubs on Strava. One is UNIte and the other is KrisHolm. Check them out!