Trail P*mps

well after talking to some Downhill bike riders/ freeryders

i’ve hear that these baby’s are stronger then anyother rim oot there!

I’m planning to build one of these up (24) with a nice fat gazz (3.0) and suzue hub!

happy trails/ trials


(ps. i searched it up and it seems no one has used these before so i was just letting it oot as an option)

They’re really nice. But I don’t know about one wheeling on em’. Leave feedback on how it goes!

I have been looking into getting a 24" as well and in my research the trail pimps came up as well. They are apperently quite boss rim’s I think they are heavier than say the Alex rim. But they are a deffenate option.


AtomLab makes good stuff. But those rims are a little on the skinny side for a 3" wide tire. The TrailPimp is “only” 27mm wide (inside width). A slightly wider rim is better for a 3" tire. The Alex DX32 is 32mm wide (inside width) and the Sun DoubleWide is 33mm wide (inside width). The DX32 and DoubleWide are a better width for a 3" tire.

Wider rims reduce the amount of tire foldover you’ll get when side hopping and when pecking your way up a hill. With a skinnier rim you’ll have to pump the tire up more to keep it from folding over and then you end up loosing some of the extra goodness you get from running the 3" tire at a lower pressure.

Go with the Alex DX32. It’s wider and less expensive than the TrailPimp.

god i hate their web site!navigating though that flash crap is like them saying “Go and Buy Somewhere Else My Son”


I’ve found that the thing that breaks easiest on a unicycle in the hub and cranks. How strong it that Suzue hub? I would have thought that you might need a splined hub if you need the stronger rim. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Why is the inside width of a rim more important than the outside width. I measured the Alex DX-32 outside width to be 39mm and I tought that’d be more important because that’s what the tyre is in contact with. Isn’t one of the main advantages of a wide rim less folding? If so, I thought the amount of folding would depend on the outside width.


The inner width of a rim is the more important parameter. This is because the tyre bead sits inside the rim.

Trailpimp’s are on sale at Cambria, now $44 for a 24":

I just spoke with Mike at Atomlab about the rims. He was kind enough to measure a rim for me; 24.5 mm is the narrowest inside width of the rim. He has run Gazz Jr’s on this rim before, and feels that a 3" tire is pushing the limits of the rim. When I explained I would be running low pressures with heavy side loads he recommended that I look to a different rim.

Wow, Alex really needs to make their MT43 available in a 24":

"Inspired by the motorcycle industry, the MT43 features over-sized dimple holes that cradle the nipple and improve the overall tightness. Primarily designed for trial and downhill bicycles, the MT43 will accomodate wide tires. "

*CNC’d sidewalls for rim brake use
*Welded joints
*Taller profile than Doublewide
*Slightly wider inside dimension than Doublewide


Re: Trail P*mps

That alex MT43 is stellar!!


Indeed! And what self-respecting unicyclist wouldn’t want their nipples cradled in dimples?:smiley: