trail of Hell

Well up un till yester day i thought that i would do almost any trail on my coker even if i had to walk a few tecknial parts.

Then i meet the Emma long Metro park in austin.

This park has a main trail of about 6 and a half miles.

this section of the park is in an area that is bowl shaped so the trail goes up and down the the rim of the Bowl from 400ft to 850 over and over again. There are also natural stairs from stratafacation that are about a foot to 2 feet drops and are mostly in sets of 3 to 4 that drop in to inclines. The whole trail is lose because it is a Motercycle and MTB trail so pedesrtians are not allowed. after walkin 4 of the 5 miles of the trail wand being completly beat fom the whole ordeal i vowed that i would come back to concer it when i get a mountain uni. Till then i wil be just a dream. I was able to go down most of the stairs hehhe. I also managed to rack my self in a peculary was i was trying to co up a small lip but the gravel was to abundent so i have to dismount. Well i dismounted the Coker in to a tree thus raming the seat in the the jewls with all my weight.

I Now have a Goal now i just need that mountain uni hehe

Ps i wil get some pics when i go back

Don’t feel too bad, that place is a motorcycle TRIALS course!!!
I’ve ridden it a few times on my mountain bike and it is tough!!!
Why don’t you grab your uni-ridin’ friends and come down to San Antonio for the FREE “12 hours of McAllister Park Ride” Saturday morning. Three of us will be out there on our Muni’s at 8:00 a.m. to ride the trails and hang out with the mountanbikers.

Here’s a link to the action:

Re: trail of Hell

take your time