Traditional Jumping Video Competition

OK, well it doesn’t have to be a competition.

I guess jumping like a bike on a ramp doesn’t work well with the inherent properties of one wheel, but given enough speed, it must be possible.

I just want to see a video of someone getting a whole bunch of speed and hitting a real ramp that propels them into the air.

It would also be nice if the person didn’t compress their tire or use their legs for the full effect of the jump so that all of the height attained is from the speed and subsequent launch… Think of a dirt jump on a unicycle with a downslope for the landing.

I think I’ve only seen this in a few videos, but from what I can tell, it’s a pretty rare (and risky) move.

(i.e. Could something like this, maybe smaller, be cleared on a uni? You might need something larger than a 19" trials to get enough speed)

You normaly don’t go off ramps in trials…even when rolling

I wanna see Skrobo do it though. He could I’m sure

No, I don’t think that’s quite what I am looking for.

-I just want to see a video of someone getting a whole bunch of speed and hitting a real ramp that propels them into the air.

Maybe I don’t know what you mean by “rolling trials video” but wouldn’t it still require most of the jumping to be done with the legs and compression of the tire?

Skrobo was who I was thinking of. I’m sure there are enough other crazy riders that would also try…

Oh, maybe you mean like what Terry has done on his Coker on occasion.

I mean actually getting some air because you were going really fast.

Another person who might be able to do this is Beau.

I once saw a cool clip where he sprints to a super steep hill and uses his incredible momentum to just barely get up.

A hill that probably would have been impossible to get up had he not been going so fast (and had he not been Beau).

If the hill had only been 3 or 4 feet long, I suspect he would have flown.

Come to think of it, I may remember seeing Terry do something like a coker ramp jump in a muni vid.

This is stupid. It would only work with a big wheel and even then you’d hardly have enough speed to get any air. Also big wheels are so unmaneouverable.

or it could just be a video competition for going absolutely huge and jumping giant stair sets/gaps like skrobo

I disagree. I think it would only work with a 29er or larger. The best set-up would be a geared 24 or 26 but there aren’t too many of those.

I remember one street rider who got some pretty huge air off the side of a quarter pipe. You can turn it into whatever you want, I was just interested in seeing someone at least try to carry out a jump in the same manner bikes do.

This is a comp for Cedric V.

you mean a gap?
I’ve done small dirtjumps without gapping.

But unicycling isn’t a dirtjump kind of sport… that’s for bikes and stuff.

lol what is the point of this anyway.It wouldnt even look that cool if someone rode really fast and cleared a small gap without jumping

Who is to say it is a small jump? I’m just thinking that people always use their legs and tire pressure to help them get air.

It would be cool just to see someone try to clear a gap from pure speed and launch. I’m not suggesting that it be somehow incorporated into the sport or anything.

Yes, probably only big wheels would work. Maybe the main problem is getting enough courage to actually hit a jump at full speed on a coker.

Most of his air was from jumping with his legs, not his speed.


wasn’t riding in the mountains, doing trials, riding long distnaces more for bikes and stuff until a few years ago?

…or isn’t street kind of a skateboarding sport? :roll_eyes:

ha thats true!
that’s the direction i want to move, more into bmx and skate style

a coker won’t be necessary for jumping off ramps, i think the best size would be 24", no schlumpf needed. anyway you can get awesome speed on short distance (especially with short cranks). the best jumps are a combination of using your speed and your strenght of your legs.

but of course you can’t compare with bikes, they will always be able to jump further, sadly :slight_smile:
btw gliding off ramps is a bad idea^^

i’m looking forward to film some jumps when i make my next movie.

you could try to glide a ramp and then catch the pedales in the air…