Trading post - old topics are not currently locked

I presume this is a new-forum upgrade issue but is there a way to lock all existing old threads (to match the standard >6 month lock) as I can see some of them being resurrected shortly otherwise.

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You’re right, I think I’ll do something to lock existing old topics that are more than 6 months old. :+1:

Is the 6-month lock the same for non-trading post topics?

Threads like the Schlumpf Serial Hub reference thread may be unused for 6 months but then if someone has a number to add to that new topic would not be appropriate.

I don’t think that we have an issue with really old threads being resurrected regularly - perhaps a longer period of time would be appropriate for other threads? They can always be locked manually by an admin.

It’s only for #trading-post topics.

I think 6 months is enough and older ads won’t serve any purpose (the item will be either sold or nobody was interested in it), but that’s an arbitrary duration and it could be different :slight_smile:

Ahh cool. I think 6 months is a sensible length of time. Someone can always post again if it’s still for sale.

Is there any restriction on non-trading post topics right now?

If something wasn’t sold after 6 month and the topic is closed, if the user still wants to sell it, they should create another post… And lower the price :smile:

Also, since because a post is locked doesn’t mean that the thing is sold, anybody can still send a private message to the seller to ask if the item is still available.

Yes, topics in Introduce Yourself are closed after 1 month. I think 1 month is enough for the community to welcome someone, but that can be discussed of course.

Other than that, I think there is no restriction in other categories.


I was wondering if it would make sense that the original poster can reopen his/her own thread? We’ve seen in the past people disappearing then reappearing six months later to show their progress.

I think learning journals should rather go in #riding-advice (some are currently in here):

Can we say “their” instead of “his” and “they” instead of “he” please? Not everybody on here is a guy! :kissing_heart:


2 posts were split to a new topic: Nimbus Unicycles x 3 (ad found on another website)