Trading post - locations are unclear

It’s not particularly clear on the trading post category how you’re supposed to add your location.

I presume the comment in About the Trading Post category is suggesting that you fill in the location field in your profile, but it’s not clear and that doesn’t help with scanning through topics titles.

To make things more easily searchable, perhaps prefixes could be recommended in a similar way to the old forum? [UK] [US East] [France] etc.
I presume there’s no way to have a prefix box on Discourse when creating a topic.

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I modified About the Trading Post category to explain how to add the location and added screenshots.

Does this seem OK for you?

We can search for ads by type, for example here are all the offers:, but there is currently no way to search by location.

I swear that location box wasn’t appearing for me earlier!

Looks good to me

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