Trade your 29er Muni for my KH 26er

Hi All,

It might be a long shot, but I´ll try anyway. I’m looking to see if anybody would be interested in trading their 29er for a 26er. I have a KH 26er Muni with Moment hub, 150mm Moment cranks, T-Bar, Magura HS 33 brake and Fusion Freeride saddle.

If anybody is interested in swopping, drop me a PM and we can chat about the details and see if we can work something out.

I am based in Hamburg, Germany.

Here’s a photo (I´ll send more on request). Please note, the Schlumpf is NOT part of the deal! I´ll lace the wheel with the original hub and spokes once a deal is made :slight_smile:



I would be happy to swap. I own a childish 12", a fixed gear huni-rex 26+, 2 KH 29". Take a look at my trading post. I live near Treviso (North-East Italy). Also could be interested in Schlumpf if you’re willing to sell it with your 26"!
PM me if you think you could interested in mine

PM is on the way…