trade(USA): 90mm for 100 or 110 ventures

trade only. They’ve got a few months use, only light freestyle, I’m still a beginner.

Just prefer a size bigger while I’m learning some stuff. 100 preferably, but I’ll take 110s too, only in the light aluminum, I don’t think they make them in the black, but . . . just to be sure.

I will trade you for the cranks pictured below…They are aluminum…and 102mm

beener, those will not fit his hub, nimbus ventures are ISIS cranks :slight_smile:


never seen them silver ventures, they’re nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Really derek? :slight_smile:
They come in way more sizes than the black ones too, maybe they’re a UK thing though. :thinking:

Sorry everyone, my Black Venture 125’s are square taper. Just ass-u-me’d that they were all square taper.
My mistook

I didn’t know they were sold in square taper, that’s pretty damn cool! :smiley:

silver ones are in the us too : ) it’s just that the silvers are the smaller sizes 114s and down I think and the blacks are 125s and up