Trade: Torker DX 24" for 20"

I have a 2005 Torker DX 24 which I’ve ridden for about a day total. I’m looking for a splined 20" trials uni, Torker DX or older KH. I’d like to keep this a straight up trade with shipping paid by each of us, but we can talk about the details to make something work!


Thats sucha great trade…I wish i ahd an extra trials i could give you…I need a Muni!

Keep it in mind, this is the second time I’ve posted it with no takers.

Does the 2005 have the Alex DX32 rim? Or is that the 2006?

That is the 2006 model.


I totally need a muni, hopefully the DX. I might be interested. Just curious why don’t you want the 24" :thinking:

For Sale Now!

Alright I give… I really want a 20" and trying to find someone to trade with isn’t working so my Torker DX 24 is now for sale. It’s totally stock and has seen very light use on trails around my house. $230 plus shipping.

Need Help

Looking for information and (hopefully a good) deal on a heavy duty unicycle.Have been riding for 30+ years am 6’ 2" and 200# and weather it’s work or play I hold nothing back. Any help would be great.

Since you’re posting in the Trading Post, I assume you’re looking for a used one. Anything with an ISIS splined hub/cranks and a double-walled rim should work. If you’re patient, used Nimbus munis turn up for sale every so often. Those are tough and they don’t cost a whole lot.

What kind of riding are you planning to do, and how fast do you want to go?

You may want to add a set of higher end cranks to this mix as well.