Trade: Torker DX 24" ('06) wheel set W/new tire | For road/cruise wheel.

Hey, I have a torker 2006 torker dx 24" wheel with a brand new kenda kentics tire and DimondBack pedals. I’d like to trade it for some kind of road/cruiser wheel, be it 24"/26"/29"/“36”, It just has to have a skinnyish rim and cotterless hub.

I have an old 27 X 1 1/4 road bike wheel built up on a UDC hub that I am not using anymore.

I haven’t seen it in a while but I think it has 102mm cranks on it, I think I have some 89s too that I could throw in.

What size of cranks are on the DX wheelset?


Thats too bad, I was hopping for 170s. Dont really know much about Torkers.

Its also a 48 spoke wheel right?

What I was thinking was that I would use the hub in an old (square taper) Yuni 26X3" Muni. I am tired of replacing bent cranks but think I will just get the Nimbus Hub, then probably a new frame to fit the larger bearings… I may eventualy talk myself into getting a whole new unicycle.

If its 36 spokes I will still trade, I could even throw in a second rim and I think I have some other old tires and extra spokes.

oh one other thing, I laced the wheel with a 3 leading 3 trailing spoke patern, It looks sort of cool but is a but more dificult to true.

Sorry, its 48 spoke. Though the hub is splined and you will not bend the cranks.

How good does it have to be??? my parents have a real basic 24" with a chrome rim, chrome frame…and I think 1.75, or 1.95 tire and 28 spokes…I dont know?

Let me narrow my search:

Double or more walled rim
Aluminum rim
Cotterless hub (splined would work too)
Quality tire
36 spokes
Quality cranks
Moderate pedals

A frame and some kind of seat would be awesome too, its for my uncle, he knows how to ride and wants something to cruise on.

Ohhh ok…Why doesnt he just get the This on UDC?

becasue that is $254 and trading is free. :roll_eyes: