Trade or Sell KH 36'er for KH 29'er!!!!

Hello Unists…
I really want to try out a KH 29 Uni and I am willing to trade my KH 36’er pictured here for a KH 29 in really good condition. My KH 36 is in top notch condition … I have ridden it maybe 15 hours in all.

I would sell/trade it stock as it came … no brakes or touring handle.

I would like to KEEP my seat and KH touring handle and brakes.

The KH seat (blue) and post that came with it would come with it as well as the black metal pedals… keeping the orange ones too…:stuck_out_tongue:

If any interests or questions let me know. E-mail me at or PM me…

Thinking $775 plus shipping or trade or best offer.

I really like riding it but end up on my MUni and 20" a lot more. Thinking with a 29er I could do a bit more off-road on it.
Thankee for any considerations…
Shug … Sean Emery

36 2.bmp (1.05 MB)

36 … lake.bmp (1.05 MB)

36 and me.bmp (1.23 MB)