Trade Nimbus D'Brake for regular bottom bracket

Hello! I ordered the 26" Nimbus Oracle frame from UDC and don’t plan on ever using a brake so I’m stuck with this black D’Brake bracket on my frame. Does anyone have a black, aluminum bottom bracket 42mm for trade? If not black, I could probably do with another color and then I would just powder coat it. But preferably black.

Check this out. UDC also sells them but they’re out of stock currently. I don’t know whether they are aluminum or not though.

those are the steel ones, the alu looks a little more like the kh housings.

Would a kh bottom bracket work? Are they identical other than the color?

I’ve seen pics of an oracle with a kh bearing clamp in replace of the d brake. Also d brakes are compatible with kh frames so it should work. I’m sure that they aren’t the exact same shape though.

No it doesn’t fit! The holes are not at the same place. The D-brake is made to fit all frames, but KH bearing holders dont fit on Nimbud Oracle frame.