Trade my Trials for your Mountain

Looking to trade my 20" for a 24" to do mountain stuff (and it’s easier to play guitar and sing while unicycling on a 24".) Mine has Profile hub/cranks, Arrow racing rim, Luna tire. My spray paint job is wearing off, but it looks nice with new paint. Located in Maryland near Annapolis.

Paint job pics

Sanded and painted, still looking to sell or trade:


I don’t have a 24" muni to offer you for trade. However, I have some parts if you feel up to building your 24 (

I wonder, what length of cranks are installed ? Is it 150mm ?
And what type of crank is this hub ? Square, splined or ISIS ?
How heavy is it ?

Le me know if you find interesting stuffs and want to discuss it further :slight_smile:






It’s a profile hub/crank set, don’t know how much it weighs. Thanks for the offer, but I don’t want to build one.