TRADE: My Nimbus frame: Your CF base

PLEASE let me know if you are willing to trade your CF base for My Nimbus Frame! I bought the Frame for $300 its used and in good condition. only a couple months old. The only thing is that I broke the seat post and saddle. but other than that i don’t ride it cuz i got a koxx one unicycle. This is a great frame and would be a fair trade for a new CF base (approx. $130 new). Please let me know if you want to make a trade :slight_smile:

Nimbus frame

Nimbus Venture Cranks are a little scruffed up. but back then i rarely did alot of big tricks and nothing big happened. The Wellgo pedals are a little bit more chewed down, but seeing that they are metal, i think you’d appreciate the fact it won’t cut your shins as much as they did mine!:smiley:

i dont understand why a frame would cost $300? and cranks are part of the frame now? huh? do you mean the whole unicycle without the seatpost and saddle

For all those who might be interested or have something else they would like to trade of around the $150 value mark…then let me know! I’ll accept Odyssey Pedals, Pit Fighter II seat posts, or K1 cranks :slight_smile: hahaha but you might not have those or be willing.

I live in Logan UT and should be able to ship to anyone West coast fairly quickly since Salt Lake City is so close it’ll ship out nice and easy.


@ aidanteleki. yes i meant the whole unicycle without the seatpost and saddle. I was just throwing in there that it was a Nimbus frame, and pointing out that the cranks were in good condition. So yes, obviously the picture shows there is no seatpost or saddle

but your post says trade my nimbus frame for your cf so obviously people will think your crazy to trade just a nimbus frame cf base when your really selling almost a whole uni. you should say that in the title :wink: