Trade: KH24frame for KH20frame

I want to trade my 2007 KH24frame for a 2007 KH20frame. Or equivalent to a KH20 2007… maybe a 2006 or something?
I do not mind any scratches or ugly parts as I plan to polish off all of the frame’s paint anyway.
My frame has been powder coated black by bedford. You have the choice of it staying black or I can polish all the paint off before I ship it out to you.

I dont know how to put up pictures. you can teach me how though.


upload the image to like then just get the image code and post it…

there are pictures on my myspace account. go to until I get a picture account go there and take a look.

oh, I probably will not be checking this thread often so if u are interested just send me a pm

Willing to sell it?

yes, I am but I have to buy a 20inch frame first… cause I am using it now.
I will let all you guys know if I buy a smaller frame.
whichever comes first, if I trade, then I trade. If I buy a new 20inch frame, my 24inch frame will be for sale and not trade.

kh 24 frame for sale now!

still looking for the kh20 frame but am ordering one soon…