[Trade] KH ISIS hub for 48h ISIS hub


I just had a really good ideal to make my plans work properly.

I need a 48 hole ISIS hub, I’d rather have a Nimbus, but I can consider a Qu-Ax and maybe a Torker. I need that hub to built on a 32 hole rim that I will use for Street. It must not be twisted, the flanges must not be cracked (if they are bent I’ll check if it’s not too much) and it needs to have crank bolts included.

As for my KH hub, it the '08 model, the black one, the one with the flanges welded with the “KH” in the flanges. It has one slightly bent flange, but it’s not cracked, no rust on it and still pretty good looking. It comes with the crank bolts but it does not have spacers because I am missing spacers right now.

If you have a new 32 hole Nimbus hub it would be perfect.

If your hub is practicaly brand new, I could throw a little bit of money depending on the condition of the hub.

I’ll post pictures next week because I dont have my wheel right now.