Trade KH 26 Frame for Oregon frame

I have a KH 26 frame, it is the newest model with disk brake tab. I would like to trade for an oregon frame. I’ll also throw in a cromo seatpost for it if you have one of those sized for the oregon to trade as well. Message me if you want specific pictures.

It is pictured here, a little muddy though…
Sorry for the huge picture

Word of caution if you were planning to re-use an existing wheelset: this frame takes 125mm wide hubs (instead of 100mm).

I can’t wait to see your new build when done :slight_smile: (especially if you manage to have a coppersmith/blacksmith to customize this frame to 100mm hubs… :wink: :p).

The Oregon frame is steel so it’d be super easy to cold set it to fit the narrower hub. Just grab both legs and pull.