[Trade] I will swap 20" Uniquo stunt for minigiraffe GB.

The Uniquo 20" unicycle stunt bike is detachable hybrid with 12" front wheel.
I have ,recently, imported it from USA and it is in mint condition.
A mini GB giraffe has to be in v.good condition.
The Uniquo is red in color.
I would go half way and do the swap.UK only.:smiley:
For the picture you can refer to Unicycle.com info USA.(stunt bikes) :astonished:

I’ll put in a plug for the Uniquo.

Mine survived two people learning on it and 1 year of beginner trials. The highest drop I did on it was off a picnic table onto flat ground, and hundreds of 1-2 foot drops. Finally the hub snapped, the wheel was still perfectly true and there was no rust on the uni, even though I rode it water quite a few times. I’d recommend the uni/stunt bike. I never used the front end much however, except I would ride normally, pull a wheelie, then disconnect the front wheel.

For a cheap-ish priced uni the seat is comfortable and durable.

It would made a good show unicycle/stunt bike or even a good beginner’s 20" trials unicycle.