[Trade + For Sale]-20" DH pro

hey guys,

bought this uni about a month or 2 ago from division 8 . not really diggin the whole 20" scene…
So its a 20" koxx-one DH pro
-luna tire (new)
-deep red jim C’s

  • and im ordering another seat post for it, but if you got one ill knock some money off it to make up the difference.
    -plus i orderedit with the trial cranks, not the street cranks.
  • theres a 3" wide tube in there too! pretty thick and awesome, mmm…

so this uni is pretty much brand new, few scratches and i tension it every other day.

Now im wanting to get back into 24" street again, i just need a light 24". So if you’ve got anything worthy let me know, maybe we can trade?

or im asking $400 firm

I also have a 24" torker Muni with a gazz and its basically brand new.
and comes with some badass tiogas.
$200 firm

cool guys, thanks for readin, let me know if your interested!


Photo 50.jpg

Photo 48.jpg

Photo 49.jpg

Photo 52.jpg

Photo 53.jpg

WOw your selling it!? What do you plan on getting?

hoepfully a custom kh 24" with 150’s

Okay cool, I was just making sure you werent quiting…

And I would buy it if it was like 2 months ago before I got my KH20. Hope you sell it…

Also where is the Tryall tire?


How much for those disgustingly sick Tioga pedals?

i dont really want to sell them seperatley…

i traded the tryall for the luna when i had the street weekend, i feel its a much better street tire.

ok so mr. bedford has got the sweetest uni for me. So the 20 is just “forsale” now. No tradezees!

i think $400 cdn is a pretty sweet deal no?

reasonable offers?

I’ll join your fanclub in exchange for the uni. Is that a reasonable offer? :wink:

lol, well iiii kinda need cash, but thanks:D

no one!! man, next person to answer gets it for 375!


Im kinda surprised myself. lol

ok im answering, does that mean i can get it for 375 (we are talking monopoly money right?) :smiley: :D. i cant believe nobody wants this! If i had money to spend and i lived in the same country i would buy this! Come on somebody buy this! I want to see this new uni Mr Bedford has for you, got any pics?

no pics yet but i have it, and i love it:D . lightest 24" street uni ever made… ill get some up soon

what are the components? or is it a stock kh 24?

its a great deal but shipping would be awful and i don’t have money
i think it is just bad timing for most people give it till January then there might be some interest.

DH Uni


How’s it going Justin? Let me know what you are up to…

What is division 8?

i am willing to trade an almost new 2007 KH 24"
if the 20" is still in good condition.