Trade Coker Big One for 29er or ?


I got a Nimbus Oracle for Christmas and I don’t need two 36ers. This Coker would be a great uni for someone who wants a low cost 36er without a brake and wants to choose their tire. It does need a new tire as this one is cracking at the side wall due to age. Tires run about $82 and I’m taking that into consideration. Also the rim has two different widths at the seam. One side of the seam is smooth the other side the rim goes in a little on one side of the seam. This causes the brake to release and grab every revolution. I dont think this affects rim strength but it makesthe brake useless.

Included are two sets of Coker cranks 150’s and 125’s. Coker PI bar. Nice Shimano brake that is worthless unless you are a rim wizard. One spare spoke. The 25.4mm seatpost is cut short but I may have one the right leingth for you if you let me know your uni inseam. With 2" minimum insertion this post will get you to 33.5" with the 150mm cranks installed.

I’m looking for an Isis 29er or maybe an Isis 24 Muni. I would also consider other trades or cash. I would prefer a local buyer but I’m willing to ship. I may be willing to add a little cash to the offer if you have something I really want.



Check Craig’s List. There is someone looking for a 36".

Thanks Vertigo. I talked to him yesterday. He may want it we will see. I would rather trade though. I am looking for something to allow my oldest and I to ride together easier. I am riding a 26 with him on a 20. If I trade for a 29 I can cut down my 26er learner for him. If I trade for a 24 muni we can ride off road but little brother will be angry that he didn’t anything. He isn’t interested in putting in the time to learn. Have you been riding your muni?


Glad you saw that post Matt. Hope you find a uni that fits into the family.

I’ve ridden the muni once on a black top and down an unpaved alley. I look forward to riding it more this spring … perhaps make it out to Duthie Hill. These days most of my uni time is limited to weekends and I end up riding the Burke Gilman trail on my 29". I’m trying to get the hang of free mounting 127mm cranks.

I tell the gawkers that getting on is the hardest part.

If you’re still willing to sell and ship, I could pay for shipping, i may be interested. Any idea on a price?

PM sent.

So I have had a couple deals fall through. Shipping seems to be a problem as I live in a far corner of the country. I would take $200 for it, a good deal I think if you are local. I might be willing to meet someone in Portland if you are committed. We have family in Oregon. Not in to big a hurry to sell after figuring out that my son rides fast enough on a 26 that following him on a 36 isn’t too slow. I have hallucinations of cutting the frame down for a 32 and making a 36 ultimate wheel out of it but time is always a problem. I still might take an interesting trade. I will post here if it sells or I decide to cut it up.



The Coker is sold to a local elementary school that I now wish my kids went to:p. They must have 100 unicycles and 20 giraffes.

I still have the Pi Bar and the brake if someone has a Coker in need of such things.