[trade] Chopper for Muni

Hey Ya’ll

I hope my add posts this time, not sure what is happening.

I have the components to assemble one more Chopper Uni like the one that I recently sold on E-bay. I would like to trade a complete, assembled, NEW chopper uni for a nice late model, good quality, used 24" MUNI.

Chopper Components:
Innova 20 x 4¼” 35 psi. tire with white StingRay lettering.
Alloy rim 20 x 4 ¼” with brushed aluminum finish.
(36) 14ga. spokes w/ brass nipples.
Double wide cotterless hub. Built from two1980’s NOS Schwinn hubs.
Industrial grade double shielded 5/8”x 40mm.x12mm. bearings.
Individually hand crafted Al’s Unicycling Club Frame.
MIG welded from 1-1/2 x 3/16 flat strap steel
Short-neck 8” seat post tube.
Kris Holm Saddle with yellow side panels.
300mm chrome seat post.
Quick release post binder.
Wheel Pro 127mm brushed aluminum crank arms.
Brushed aluminum crank nut covers.
Black alloy pedals w/ nubby grippers.
Choice of Yellow, Satin Black or primered frame.

The supplier where I purchased the rims no longer carries them so This will be the last one that I make.

Please don’t expect me to haggle MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER FIRST. I do not make counter offers, I will only decide yes or no.

Thanks for your interest.

chopper uni.jpg

I dont got a muni to trade but can i buy one of those?

Hey Evan

I have already recieved a plausable trade offer. Please write me off forum with your ca$h offer.

Al’s E-mail

I’m not going to start a bidding war, because It wouldnt be fair for me to fluff off the first offer for a couple of dollars.

I’ll decide by Thursday morning if I’ll accept either of these offers.

Thanks Al

So is it gone?

I thought he made a couple.

The chopper just got delivered this mornig.
The big brown truck hasn’t shown up with my MUNI trade yet.

Id like to thank ya’ll for your interest.

No plans on building any others in the near future.