TRADE: Butterfly Pedals (new)

I got a pair of new butterflys I want to trade for maybe a variety of other parts.
I also got used snafu and used odyssey JCs.
Goes to the first decent offer.

Looking for:
27.2 seatpost(s) (new or slightly used),
plastic pedals (new or slightly used),
green or red seat-clamp,
spokes and for K1 light hub to old drilled K1 36 hole rim or from 32 hole hub to rim (not the nowar one),
lift handles for '09 velvo seat bases (not new ones on nimbus/kh unis),
and/or 19" tyres.

edit: i think they are butterfly 1 pedals

hmm… looks interesting… are you looking for slick Trials tire? I have 1 Luna and one Monty 2.7 that are going to be slick soon. I also have one Try-all reinforced 250mm long seatpost. I might have a set of spokes too, I’ll check for that (used spokes though).

all of that sounds good, is the post used?
What do you want for what?

I also have like 30 spokes for a kris holm wheel 2007 (before the offset spokes and smaller holes).

I was interested in the Butterfly pedals maybe. The seatpost is used, but it’s not bent, cracked or anything, it doesn’t look very used either. I checked for spokes, they are KHs, and I plan on builting another wheel with them (they are bent as hell). So all I got is one Monty 2.7 that I was going to get Slick, and I would throw the Luna I’m riding right now, which doesn’t have alot of threads left, but it would be good to make it slick later on. And the Try-all Seatpost.

Tell me what you think, if you dont want anything of this stuff for the Butterfly pedals I’ll just keep it for other projects :stuck_out_tongue:

I can always use an extra seatpost, even if slightly used, and a slick fat monty 2.7 sounds interesting to ride. But I checked and I already have two worn tires (but threads showing).

Can you post pictures of the Monty?

I can take some pictures tomorrow, but it isn’t all shaved yet, I’ve done just a little part. I could maybe finish it tomorrow and send pictures to you, if you dont want it I’ll ride it on my Flatland uni!

Oh, your actually shaving it slick? Did you use it before shaving it at all?

I’m just shaving the sides, I used the middle part so it became slick “naturaly”.



A view at some of the stuff. If you want better pictures just tell me.