Trade a 29in Kris Holm muni for a 26in KH muni

I would love to trade a “like new” Kris Holm 29 inch Muni with brake and aero touring bars…for a 26 inch KH Muni. I live in Delaware, USA. I would not need an Aero bar and brake would be optional.

What year is the 29er, is it a drilled rim. If it’s not the KH drilled rim, what is the rim width and what size are the cranks? Sorry for all the questions, I’m kind of looking for a 29er, but I’m kind of specific about what I want.

Te: Trade a 29in Kris Holm muni for a 26in KH muni

That’s true I cannot say for sure from the pic which one it is even though the drilling should be noticeable thanks to the default blue rim tape.

As for KH rim specs it is easy:
_ the KH freeride rim is 47mm wide and is drilled
_ the KH XC rim is 38mm wide and is not drilled

As for the cranks, we can only guess until the OP confirms (my guess is 150mm :wink: ).

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