[Trade] 29r for 20" trials

I’m looking for a 20" trials setup with a strong hub. It doesn’t have to be a complete unicycle, I already have pedals and a seat/seatpost (22.2). I might consider trading the seat and post if the trials takes a larger diameter post. Here’s the specs on the 29r.


The Black Beauty, the Rowing machine, the 8th wonder of the world!!! A custom frame built by Joe Rowing. The frame was originally designed to take a 24x3 setup and holds onto a 700x38 beautifully as well.

Salsa Delgato-X rim 36 hole.
DT Swiss 14/15 spokes
UDC hub
Bicycle Euro 150s

(2)Michelin Kevlar belted tires
(1) brand new red Kenda Cross 700x38

The seat is an alloy FMF seat post with a KH seat and a SH rail adapter… VERY nice setup.

A few pictures taken by jagur during his ownership and a thread by him on the unicycle.


i might be interested in a trade, i’ve got a kh (04) wheelset, with a bedford frame, miyata seat, gb4 post.

P-File wheel?

P-File wheel would be overcool and overweight. Machine is still up for sale/trade.

What?? You turned down a pforile wheel?