/Trade 24" Profile Muni Wheel(w/Gazz)+Free Frame/Pedals

Built by Darren Bedford, and recently had it professionally tensioned and trued. Includes:

Nokian Gazzalodi 24x3" Tire(Almost new with plenty of tread)
24x3" Slimed DH Tube w/rim tape
Alex DX32 24" Rim(Powder coated Yellow)
DT Champion Black Stainless Spokes
Profile Hub
170mm Profile Cranks(Powdercoated Black)
Profile Bearings

I’m throwing in some DK Iron Cross Pedals and a Bedford black 3" frame with yellow flames(Brake bosses included).

$500+shipping is a steal and I’m firm on the price. I’ll only part this out if I can find buyers for almost all of the parts. I’m looking for a nice longneck freestyle uni, 36er, or street/trials uni, and would be willing to trade straight across for any of them.
I recently tore my ACL in a non-uni accident, and although I’ve recovered, my last muni ride was cut very short due to complications from my knee. I’m going to give it a long while before I do anything that requires this sort of awesome equipment. So please buy this/trade me!

P.S. I have pics available on request. So email(catboy@gmail.com)/pm me.


Heck, I’ll put an OBO on this bad boy. Make me an offer. Doesn’t anyone have a uni they want to trade for this?

I’d trade you my spare trials uni but it’s not worth as much as your Muni. I dont have money to throw in with my uni… If you really want to get rid of it I’ll trade it, but your Muni is worth alot more than my Trials from what you said.

PM me if you might be interested, maybe we can work out a deal:p I have some money, I dont want to spend too much though, because I dont NEED a Muni, but…:stuck_out_tongue:

PRICE DROP TO 400USD+Shipping!!!

BUMP w/PICS… I’ll throw in the severed Maggie and Gbarnes brake mods for free.

Essentially you’re getting a $1000+ muni here w/out the seatpost/saddle for much less/trade.


$400USD shipped, or if someone has a nice trials or freestyle uni they would like to trade that would be nice. This is quite a deal seeing as how the hub/cranks are worth $300 new.

I would be interested in the tire. How much not including shipping(pick-up)?

I’m not selling the tire.

I’ve got a trials uni that I’d be willing to trade. It’s got an arrow racing rim and profile hub/cranks, a yuni frame (powdercoated black) and primopro sealed pedals. Everything on it is absolutely straight. I spent about a grand building that as well. I can put pics up later if you are interested.

Sorry for the double post, I found these pics on my HD. They’re a little older but it still looks the same. Forgot to say that it had a Creepy Crawler, as well.




Check your PM’s

interested in trade

i’ve got a really nice hardly used k1 street uni check my post in the trading post for details if ur interested.

I shipped this bad boy out this morning. 3 months and many bumps later I’m one of the proud few who traded goods for goods on this forum.