/TRADE 2009 KH 29 FreeRide!

Just bought a brand new KH 29 and the specs are as follows

2009 KH 29 (orange) with 150/125 KH cranks 685$
KH 47 MM free ride rim 80$
Magura HS33 blue brake(including bracket that stops the t-9 from eating it every time you fall) 120$
t- 9 handle bar(if you do not want this i can substitute the KH adjustable seat post) 70$
orange grips 10$
bell bike computer 40$
comes with Big apple 29 X 2.35 and spare tube 40$

so paid about 1045$ for this setup and really regretting it cause i only ride my 24 and sold my KH 20 to afford this so here are my options:

trade for a trails 20 inch + some cash ( depending on what kind of course)

or Trade for 36 (either trade with cash or i will pay some if it is a KH 36)

or i could trade it for some good ole hardy cash! for now im just open to REASONABLE offers but i may set a fair price after i do some research on what its worth.

best way to get a hold of me is either post here or email me @ CevinB@mac.com

thanks for all of your time and here is a pic!

EDIT: the pack is not for sale

been ridden maybe 10 times great condition! would prefer local pickup near southern California but can ship! (buyer pays)

thanks again for looking!
if you want more detailed pictures please do not hesitate to ask!

625$ for EVERYTHING is the price i think is fair

PM’d you :slight_smile:


thanks for all replies

Dang, I woulda bought this too!

:frowning: Out of curiosity, how much was it sold for. I wonder if I could have afforded it. I’m debating on getting a uni similar to yours right now or a KH 26".
I think I’m actually leaning to the KH 29" with freeride rim.

it sold for 623$ =)

Not quite. I should get a j o b. Ohh well this summer…:smiley: