TRADE 150mm Kh moments for longer cranks

Hey guys, I am looking to trade my Kh moment 150s for somthing longer kh or isis…

i have been struggleing with muni latley and i think its cause i need some longer cranks

so if anyone has somthing that they either dont mind getting rid of or you think you can hume me out. that would be cool

the cranks have alittle scuff from a few rides but there is no real damage… let me know guys

too bad you missed this deal!

well damn, somebody out there has got to want these… i may even be willing to sell if anybody wants them

bumpin it… hell ya… anyone?

i want 150s but i also want to keep my 165s. just to bug you.:stuck_out_tongue: since i ride 165s i can say that i think 150s are a better choice. i know everyone is different but 165s are just long. you have to lower your seat more so cranking up hills isn’t any easier because your legs are bent more. just my two cents.

i agree. Keep working on the 150s because they are better muni choice. Then again, I could be wrong.

phil… this aint my first muni ride…

i am saying after my trip to naucc i litteraly could not ride the uphill …

and my down hill control was severly hindered by my short cranks i mean i ride like 147s on my trials i am used to longer cranks…

and you should trade me phil :stuck_out_tongue: just for a weekend
see how you far

How much do you want to sell them for? I don’t have any longer cranks.

i would say $50