TRADE: 137mm Spirits for 125mm Moments

I have a brand new pair of 137mm KH Spirit cranks that I will trade for your used 125mm Moments. (As long as there’s no major damage to the Moments. I don’t mind scratches and such).

If they are first gen Moments, i will expect some $$$ in addition to the trade. If they are later generation Moments, I would be happy to just swap with you.

I had my uni with Moments stolen, and I just want them back.

I don’t have any cranks for you Noli. I would like to keep an eye out for your uni. Do you have any pictures or a description of the stolen uni. I watch Craigslist daily.


It’s forcing me to post a link of a photo instead of letting me upload it. Since i can’t get the link of the photo off facebook, i can’t really figure out how to upload it, otherwise, i would post a picture.

Right click on the photo and select “Copy Image Location.” Depending on your browser it might say something slightly different but it should be similar.

The right click option isn’t working for Facebook.

I assume that it is the 26" KH with the green rim? Or?

Injecting the pic of the stolen uni… (from thenoli)