Trade: 127mm Onza Cranks for longer ones.

exactly like the title says…is anyone looking for 127mm onza (kris holm) cranks? I’d like to trade 127’s for either 140s or 150s… i’d like a strait up trade but i am willing to pay your shipping if you would like.

The cranks are in good condition and are only 3 months old.



Why do you want longer ones?

I am in Melbourne, Australia and may be interested.

Where are you?


I have a 145 pair, they are perfectly straight, with scratches from grinding. I’m from Canada.

if you would like to trade please PM me and we can work out the deal…I am in the state of Georgia (USA).

thanks guys

ive got 165s they work great on my muni and i had them on my trials setup for a while they work great as long as you dont do realy sharp turns

165’s on a 20" TRIALS??? OMG! :astonished:

it lets me get away with haveing realy weak legs

did you make a video? i remember seeing super long cranks on a 20" before

p.s. sorry for the thread jack :wink:

no i dont have a camera or the computer skills to post a video