Trade:125mm MomentCranks for longer cranks

I want to trade my Moment cranks 125mm for Moment 137mm or 150mm.

Or if you have any other offers, I might take it.

private message me, or myspace me… Because I dont check the trading post often.



I would be willing to trade for a KH ISIS hub or a Nimbus ISIS hub too!


Just curious why???

well, I am building a new trials wheel with 137’s. I have a rim already. These 125’s I have as extras so if I got a hub I would just have to buy cranks. Or get cranks and then buy a hub… either way.


Oh, lol, I misread it and thought you said you’d trade a KH hub for a Nimbus hub :stuck_out_tongue:

stupid me:o

No, its good that he cleared it up because I thought he meant the same thing.

thread closed!
we just got the cranks traded and I am happy!

but I still need a kh or nimbus hub. either one will work for me.
let me know if somebody has one for trade or sell!