traction devices (im iced in!)

ive got this but does anyone have any ideas about how to make some chains or cables for my MUni out stuff around the house like tuna cans of somthing?

we all know how to put screws in our tyres but i want some chains or cables.there has got to be a way to make some with stuff around the house.anyone got any idea’s or other links with home made traction devices?

Help! im iced in…

Since I’m taking this semester off, I got myself a job. I’ve worked at this place before for a summer job when I was in high school, so I already have a pretty good idea what things are looking like for me. This job involves having access to many different materials and equipment that could possibly be used for something like tire chains for a uni tire. I’m allowed to use their stuff for my own fun after hours (I know the people that own the place really well), so long as I supply (or pay for) the materials that I use. I’ll keep my eyes open, and if I find something that looks like it would work well, I’ll check it out. I’ll let you know if I come up with something relatively cheap. I might even be able to powdercoat it for an extra $5.

The internet god that is Google gave me this site:

Of course, I have never tried it myself.


thanx Daino,i wonder who that dude is? did you notice that all that chain wirk was done to a uni with lolly pop bearing holders…?

its funny,i was going to thank you last night but then suddenly the power went out and it just came back on now at 8:00 PM (PST) over 20 hours of internet free life. :astonished:

Oh no! Life without Internet? That has got to be weird…

dude,it was crazy…i had to start a fire and stuff…then there was the Oak trees falling on the children,just kidding.thank god that hasnt happened but the whole park next to the school is taped off…limbs are falling like rain.

This was on a link on the page you started - it looks pretty good. The other version (all chain) would be pretty heavy.

i sure do like those Kool Stop cleats

they look better than chains.

i was thinking how fun it would be to make some out of parashoot cord and bottle caps.

I don’t ride in snow much anymore, but I figure a Gazzalodi would be pretty good traction in soft snow. On packed snow and ice, it’s kind of fun to not have any traction. Okay, maybe not if you’re on a steep hill with rocks & things.

I haven’t ridden on snow in a while, so I can’t speak for how a Gazz performs. But we used to have tons of fun back in the days, with our regular 24" unis and street tires.

Gazza gives quite good grip on soft snow, but it still slips. And slipping is something I don’t like. Except when you can find a really steep hill with a lot of snow. There you can lock the wheel and slide down. Some kids were using a sledge on a small hill (maybe 3 meters high) and I went down it with my uni. On more rocky terrain it isn’t fun. I’ve spent a lot of time sliding on my stomach after an UPD to a slight downhill.

What about cokers? I was thinking of going to the hardware store and getting some cable and things. Then making some chains for my coker. There is about a foot or so of snow on the sidewalks so I think it would be worth it. Has anyone else tried it?


When I was mountain biking in the snow, I found that using very low tire pressure helped me to float over deeper snow and to get better traction. I did one mtb ride where I dropped the tire pressure to about 12 psi. Snow was fairly deep and at around 40 psi the ride was very squirrelly. I just kept on letting out air until it handled better. It didn’t make a lot of difference until the tore pressure was really low. When on dry pavement, the tires were almost looking flat. I had to pump them back up to ride back home.

Of course, you are more likely to get a pinch flat if you hit a hard edge like a curb or a rock. I was amazed at the difference it made on the bike. I haven’t tried it on the uni yet.

Excuse me for spelling out bike. Is there a forum rule that says you can’t spell it out?