Tracking problem fixed

I had noticed for a while that my 24x3 Muni always seemed to be veering to the left. I thought that maybe it was just me and didn’t bother with it. After getting my 28’ and riding straight lines with ease, I knew the problem was not me.
The problem was that the legs had become misaligned. My guess would be that it was from the muni flying out from under me and landing on one side repeatedly.
The fork legs were about 1/4" out of vertical alignment. I put the frame in a vice and used a bar to lever between the legs until I got them straight. I checked the alignment by laying the frame on a staright piece of aluminum channel to be sure all four corners of the uni laid flat against the aluminum. After 2 or 3 trys, I got it perfectly aligned.
I am now the proud owner of a Muni that I can straight down the road!
Hopefullly, this may help others with a similar problem.

What frame do you have on your muni?

It’s a 26’ Yuni with a 24x3 Gazz. I believe it may have an alignment problem when I got it and with me being an inexperienced rider, I assumed it was just me.
I put it through quite a bit of abuse this weekend and it still tracking straight as an arrow

Hey Kenny, the Frame was fine…It’s YOU that’s mis-aligned!:smiley:

That’s not the first time I’ve heard something that , but usually it’s not quite that polite!!!

Ah, cool. I should have remembered that you had a Yuni. I think you’ve posted pictures of it before.

Some other people have been having alignment problems with the Yuni frame. Do you have any pictures to show how you used aluminum channel as a guide to help align the frame? Pictures and a description would be a big help to the other people who are wondering if their Yuni frames are straight.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a quality digital camera yet. But the easiest way to check alignment if you have a uni with a square crown such as a NimbusII or Yuni is as follows:

Remove the seat and post

Remove the wheelset and leave the main caps off

Place the uni on a known flat surface (the top of a table should suffice) with the seat tube hanging off the edge so that only the legs make contact

While holding both corners of the crown against the surface,
look for a gap between either of the main caps and the top of the
table (it may be necessary to flip the frame over and check it from the backside or frontside as mine had an “offset” which allowed me to check it by resting it on the frontside only)

If all 4 ends rest on the table and you can not “rock” them, the frame legs are in what I refer to as “vertical alignment”

If the frame can be “rocked”, alignment will be required

Hi Kenny (and fellow Texan),

Did you take the frame to the bikeshop for alignment or did you do it yourself?

I’m also having problems with tracking but to the right and I’m on a Yuni 24". Didn’t notice problems until I installed a Duro and 170mm kookas. I’m going to try your method of checking alignment tonight.


I did the alignment on my Muni myself. Don’t rule out the tire as the cause of the problem.
I’ve heard riders comment about tracking problems after replacing the tire. I would take the wheelset off and temporarily install it backwards. If it still pulls to the right. it has an alignment problem. If it pulls the opposite direction, the problem would be in the tire.
If the problem is in the tire, try playing with the tire pressure. I know on the Gazz, varying the pressure by just a couple of pounds makes it handle totally different,
Don’t forget to reinstall the wheelset properly after you’re done so that the pedals don’t loosen themselves.