track b*ke cross training

i recently recieved an old 80’s fixie converted B*ke as a gift from a friend. she built it for me in hopes i of converting me to the dark side… i have been using it to cross train for longer distance riding. aside from the fact that it has two wheels it realls alot like riding my 29er with short cranks. is there anyone else on here who rides Fixe to cross train for unicycling?

admittedly as fun as it is to ride the Fixe i still prefer my 29er though i have noticed a small improvement in my pedaling cadence and over all power on the uni only having the ride a few days now.

I am currently building up a fix which I expect to be a great training tool. I do a fair bit of regular biking, too.

I ride a “fixie” with 140mm cranks and an 50" gear. It helps strength and cadence when cycled in a hilly area. I cheat and use SPDs so I can get up almost any hill. My top speed is 32.5 mph on a downhill (215 rpm).

Leo White

68" gear

Oh yeah… I’ve been riding fixies since 1998. I currently own a 2000 Bianchi Pista track bike, though I don’t ride it much any more.

Fixies are what got me into single-speed mountain bikes, which got me into muni.


and a hella’vlot of seat post :wink:

just to note…the rear rim on George’s fixie was my 29er rim, and was the original front rim from my Bianchi track bike.

crazy, huh??


well then i must “note” the front brake on that fixer…

ive done the E-Brake before too, its amazing how a fixer can get to the edge of Apocalypse when your over 30