Tracey Ullman - State of the Union

When this 5 episode series is aired on Showcase, be sure to look for a guy named Adam Cohen riding his Coker through a crowd of pedestrians in Manhattan while talking on his cellphone :slight_smile:

Boy, how was that filmed, with a Glidecam and unicycle or something???


Are you in the credits?

They paid $500 for a 7 second clip, that’s credits enough

spoken like a true capitalist

spoken like a true ‘i need to pay next month’s rent’ kinda guy

i know, i’m sorry that wasn’t meant to be a personal remark or anything, just a little joke.

oh, i get jokes…

I don’t know what Tracey Ullman - State of the Union is but it definately sounds like a Good Thing. So many congratulations. :slight_smile:

Thanks Cathy…I’m not sure exactly what the show is myself, but the Tracey Ullman show is where the Simpsons got their start :slight_smile:

Well, here’s the wikipedia link if anyone is interested:’s_State_of_the_Union

It appears to be a sketch comedy show.