toy bear on ebay that unicycles along a slack rope

this is pretty neat:

if it were a monkey i’d buy it.

I think there may have been a Curious George version of that unicycling toy. The original comes from Germany in the 1950s. You can find those on eBay fairly frequently. Our local F.A.O. Schwarz store had a big, motorized Curious George that rode across the ceiling. The motor was at the end of the rope, rotating it up and down so George would roll back and forth. But that store closed, and I was unable to get in on the bidding for that item when they cleared the place out…

I posted something a while ago asking whether or not monkeys have ever ridden unicycles. Apparently not, but I reckon they could be trained to unicycle. Some day I’m getting a pet monkey (preferably a chimp). :slight_smile: