Touring with a Unicycle

Hi All,

I am preparing for some long-distance unicycling, which will ultimately involve some touring across Europe. I have a 36" Coker, but I am wondering about a few adaptations to make it work better for very long distances (ie., 800 km over a few days). The specific things that come to mind – I have seen some people rig water bottles underneath the handlebars, but is that something that is custom-made, or is there something on the market for that? Has anyone figured out a good way to mount bags on the unicycle? A while back, I read the book “One wheel, many spokes,” but as I recall, he had a support car going with him, which I will not have.

Up to now, I have done mostly 1-day rides, and either carried everything I needed in a backpack or had someone meet me along the way with supplies. I do a lot of camping, so I have some lightweight camping gear to bring along with me. I know that I can likely arrange to stay in hostels easily in Europe, but I like the idea of travelling with everything I need. I really appreciate if you can help point me in the right direction!

The first multi-day trip that I am planning will be from Aachen, Germany, to London, England, via Dunkirk, France. I have not determined the dates when I will make that ride (depends on work schedule), but will try to post that later on.

Go have a look at these…

That should give you some ideas.

i believe the old T7 touring bars had lugs for water bottles but neither the KH or nimbus bars have these.

my way to get around this is to use a bottle cage mounting kit which consists of zip tie like straps which are screw tightened with threads for the bottle cage

there are numerous other mounting options available but that was what i could get my hands on.

Thanks for the replies! I had not seen the “Carryoutthere” guy before. Looks pretty impressive. I clicked around his blog for a while, but couldn’t find where he got those bags from. Looks like the sort of thing I have in mind.