Touring Vs Commuter

Why does UDC separate these? 36ers and guni under Commuter and 29ers under Touring? Should it not just be one category- Touring?

UDC can best answer that question. In the limit, isn’t it really only one category: unicycles?

Would it not be easier to categorize simply by wheel sizes? Isn’t that the very first category when we make buying decisions?

Although Greg is one of the few, the proud, the hardcore commuters! (Just don’t do it on a tractor.)

Yeah wheel size would make the most sense. I guess i was wondering specifically if this was outdated and for some reason never got changed as unicycles got more diverse.

I don’t think wheel size is necessarily the best categorization, because it doesn’t help people who don’t know much about unicycle equipment. But I agree that the categories they have are really not very helpful, anyway. Such as “Rough Terrain…Novice/Intermediate/Expert”.

they should sepperate them into different sizes and saw what theyre for, 20-trials, street, freestyle/ 24-muni blah blah, that would be easier for everyone really

These terms are really just euphemism for “Somewhat affordable/Expensive/Very expensive”

Actually, the intermediate MUnis (Nimbus) are less expensive than a number of the “Novice” models. Why anyone would pay $344 for a square-taper MUni with a Miyata seat, I don’t know.