touring uni...

i wanna get a 29er for getting around town on(the coker is a bit outta my price range) i wanted it to be under or around 300ish canadian and i found this 1…tell me what you think…

Add $150.00 to the price for duty and handling at the boarder.

WHAT!!! what the hell for…that sucks. ok nvm i will never get the uni i want… stupid udc no store in canada bah.


Bedford has a 29" for 300 canadian dollars.

yeah, if you’re ordering from Canada, check out Bedford first. They’re both top notch stores, but bedford has the advantage of not having ridiculous border tariffs, however you’ll have to give him a call or email him to get a price quote. He’s really quick with them though. Recommended!

oh ya i totally forgot about bedford thanks for the reminder spud!

A saddle with a handle is a very neat feature on a 29er… I’m holding mine when i need more manuvreability (Ha! Spelling is the shit!) at low speed, or when i’ve been riding for long to get some blood flowing…
And then, you should probably use some cranks shorter than 125mm, i use 102 on mine but it might be hard to learn on… Go for the 114!